BRI specializes in providing a variety of oil and gas auditing, financial consulting and litigation support services to the energy industry. Our professional consultants are located in several of the major oil and gas centers in the United States and Canada which eliminates out-of-town travel costs. We have found that client’s costs can be reduced by approximately one-third when the consultant is not required to travel. Eliminating unnecessary travel time allows the consultant to spend more productive time in the field.

When Operators are located in cities where BRI does not have available local staff, BRI attempts to work with the Operator to obtain documentation that would allow the audits to be conducted remotely in order to reduce audit costs for our clients.

Improvements over the past ten years in technology, file storage and data retention allows Operators the ability to provide documentation needed to conduct many audits remotely.  Through online access or supplying scanned document images, these technological improvements have allowed Operators to save money on office space, copy machines, internet and supplies while saving non-operators travel costs.  Costs that have traditionally been the responsibility of the Operator have, in the cases of remote audits, been shifted to the non-operators or oil and gas audit service providers.

We currently have consultants based in the following locations allowing for significant reductions in travel costs:

Houston, TX
Denver, CO
Calgary, Canada
Bangkok, Thailand (limited)
Dallas, TX
Concord, CA
Tulsa, OK (limited)



Oil and Gas Auditing & Auditing Related Services

Our firm offers a wide range of oil and gas audit and related services. Our consultants are experienced in performing all of the following audits:

  • Joint Venture Audits of exploration, drilling and lease operating expenses
  • Gas Plant (Expenditure and Processing)
  • Contract Compliance / Vendor Audits

BRI is a full service oil and gas audit provider offering audit related services, which include the following:

  • Coordination and scheduling of oil and gas audit assignments with Operators
  • Balloting of non-operating working interest partners for participation or cost sharing.
  • Provide representation on projects led by others on either local or out-or-town assignments.
  • Interface with Operators to resolve exceptions identified during the assignments.

In performing audit assignments and the related services, BRI strives to maintain the highest level of quality and a commitment to performing the most economically efficient audits for our clients.


Joint Venture Oil and Gas Audits

BRI performs joint venture audits on projects located in both North America and overseas. These oil and gas audits are conducted to provide assurances that the Operator has complied with the terms of the Joint Operating Agreement which governs the billings issued to the non-operators.
Major areas under review typically include the following:

  • Test Capital and Operating expenses for the appropriate application
  • Discounts missed, coding errors, out of period charges, under and duplicate charges
  • Reconcile controllable materials
  • Casing, drill bits and to a limited extent mud & chemicals
  • Verification of the Operator Overhead Fee calculation
  • Major contracts and testing for adherence
  • Sales and use taxes
  • Employee payroll benefit and burden rates
  • Charges for first level supervision and technical employees
  • Use of operator owned equipment
  • Charges from Operator affiliated companies
  • Validity of boat and helicopter charges
  • Insurance and professional consulting and legal service charges
  • Disposal of surplus materials

Revenue and Gas Plant Audits

BRI performs revenue and gas plant audits for projects located in both North America and overseas. These audits are conducted to provide assurances that the Operator has properly accounted for the sales or disposition of the client’s oil, gas or plant products.
Major areas under review for oil and gas audits typically include the following:

  • Confirming volumes have been correctly reported by:
    • Analysis of field schematics, layout of flow lines, comparing test data with actual production, testing of run tickets to tank strapping tables.
    • Comparing Operator production and sales volumes with those submitted to state agencies.
    • Determining the frequency of meter proving
    • Field Visits
  • Confirming values have been correctly reported by:
    • Compare prices received with contract or posted price bulletins
    • Verify proper gravity and category were used to determine price
    • Calculate severance tax

Gas Plant audits may include a review of the expenses associated with the plant or a testing of product volumes and prices allocated to the owners.


Vendor & Contract Audits

Vendor or Contract Compliance Review Services

BRI performs Vendor or Contract compliance reviews for both our domestic and international clients. Vendor reviews offer our clients added assurance that their suppliers are fulfilling the terms of their agreements. Major areas under review typically include the following:

  • Pricing of Materials and Services
  • Insurance (General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Aircraft)
  • Business Ethics policy concerning client/customer gratuity, gifts & entertainment
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policies
  • Employee Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Required Employee Training
  • Receivable Aging

While not the primary focus of this work, often times we are able to provide our clients with constructive suggestions on ways to improve their invoice approval and processing procedures.

Industry Experience

BRI has worked with most of the larger international suppliers as well as many smaller regional vendors. Some of the vendors that we have reviewed during the past year include:

Mustang Engineering
Baker Hughes
Hanover Compressor
Nabors Drilling
Compressor Systems Inc.
Wilson Supply
National Oilwell
Helmrich & Payne
Patterson UTI Drilling
Smith International
M-I Drilling Fluids

BRI’s contractors work exclusively in the oil and gas industry and are familiar with many of the major vendors providing services to the industry. We have contractors available in the Houston, Dallas, Denver, Tulsa, and Calgary areas.

Additional Services

Litigation Support