One of the largest independent providers of joint venture auditing services to the Oil & Gas Industry in North America

BRI Consulting, Inc. Oil and Gas Auditors


As one of the largest independent providers of joint venture oil & gas auditing services to the energy industry in North America, BRI Consulting Group, Inc. offers comprehensive solutions for energy companies wanting to outsource the corporate audit function.  Through the use of our management team and network of auditors, we are able to offer our clients services including oil and gas audit program management, scheduling, field work and oil and gas audit resolution.  BRI Consulting Group, Inc. is actively involved in projects in North America and through our affiliated company, BRI International Consulting, Inc., Canada, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The company was formed in 1992 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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BRI International Consulting, Inc. has conducted oil and gas audits in over 30 countries during the past 20 years. Through our seasoned professionals, BRI is able to lead or assist with most foreign assignments.  For those clients needing added flexibility in staffing, we are able to provide qualified assist auditors that can complement their internal staff in the Lead or Assist roles.

In 2014, BRI International Consulting, Inc. began offering travel free Joint Venture and Contract Compliance review services in Calgary, Canada!

Through the use of our experienced Calgary based professionals, we are able to conduct oil and gas audits in Calgary with no travel costs for our clients. Travel costs typically make up 30% of the audit budget when auditors are required to travel to locations and incur costs for hotel, meals, ground transportation, laundry and other expenses related to out of town travel.

For more information on available services as well as a listing of countries where our staff has conducted audits, please visit the International section of this site.