Gas Plant & Revenue Audit

BRI performs revenue and gas plant audits for projects located in both North America and overseas. These audits are conducted to provide assurances that the Operator has properly accounted for the sales or disposition of the client’s oil, gas or plant products. These reviews are very complex and require extreme attention to detail that our seasoned professional auditors can provide.

The major areas under review typically include:

  • Confirming volumes have been correctly reported by:
    • Analysis of field schematics, layout of flow lines, comparing test data with actual production, testing of run tickets to tank strapping tables.
    • Comparing Operator production and sales volumes with those reported to state agencies.
    • Determining the frequency of meter proving
    • Field visits
  • Confirming values have been correctly reported by:
    • Compare prices received with contract or posted price bulletins
    • Verify proper gravity was used to determine price
    • Calculate severance tax
  • Conducting measurements
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Writing reports
  • Review plant schematics
  • Analyze risks
  • Propose corrective actions
  • Safety assessments
  • Checking for correctly managed and installed equipment
  • Ensure competency
  • Analyze the plant for environmental regulation