Litigation support

BRI provides a wide range of litigation support in the areas of accounting and auditing for the oil and gas industry. Litigation in the oil and gas industry is highly specialized and requires a team with experience. With the growing interest in the industry, disputes and discrepancies are bound to arise and we will be there to support you with your litigation needs.

The following is an example of our areas of expertise:

  • Testimonies
  • Expert witness
  • Consulting
  • Hearings
  • Class action suites
  • Examine contract violations
  • Gather and organize evidence
  • Gather information for use in litigation
  • Provide documentation and reports
  • Receivable Aging
  • Discover fraud
  • Manage disputes
  • Experienced negotiation


Dealing with any type of litigation can be a stressful venture. Contact us to see how we can help.