Due Diligence

Making acquisitions is a key area of investing in the oil and gas industry. BRI Consulting Group’s auditors will examine the acquired property, assess the risk involved, and offer experienced advice. We can help our clients avoid any hidden expenses and expose risks. BRI Consulting Group has the industry expertise to give you accurate evaluations and a strong platform for negotiation.

When analyzing a property, we must:

  • Analyze risk
  • Review the condition of the property
  • Negotiate transaction costs
  • Consult on investment decisions
  • Analyze safety risks
  • Review regulatory permits
  • Review environmental issues
  • Assess decommissioning costs
  • Monitor conditions of the assets
  • Provide documentation and reports
  • Estimate costs
  • Ensure closing punctuality
  • Complete follow-ups to acquisition
    • Organize and inventory assets
    • Advise for a smooth integration of the new property
    • Consult on new asset management